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Time Machine
19,90 PLN  Do koszyka
Producent: Anuman
Platforma: PC & Apple Macintosh
Kategorie: Przygodowe, Puzzle
Rok publikacji: 2010
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Time Machine
Devastated, Professor George Einwin committed suicide. The day before his death, his young assistant Filby Young had met him. Full of guilt, the Professor claimed to have activated a chain reaction of uncontrollable events that would destroy the humanity and would leave the Earth close to the end ...

To know the reasons of his death, Filby goes back to the Professor's laboratory and discovers a strange spherical machine, which seems partially dismantled. Filby reactivates it and is thrown in time and space, against his will. Help him to find all the parts of the machine and the anachronistic objects to restore the order in time and space !

Hold your breath and go on board of the machine to travel in time ! Find all the parts of the machine, spread in various places and times. Then, restore the order in the space - time by finding anachronistic objects left by Professor Einwin in all the visited places. It is your only hope to return in your original space - time !

Thanks to the x2 zoom, dive into the pictures ! And if you still miss some objects, use the Hint: a shiny halo helps you to find one of the objects.

Travel in time and space! Discover amazingly realistic sets: ancient Egypt, Middle Ages, the Future ... All screens are accompanied with music and fascinating sound effects !

  • 20 screens to visit

  • Linear navigation

  • 3 profiles management

  • Search of objects (of a list, identical objects, to collect)

  • Unlimited help: x2 zoom, reloading hints

  • Magnificent sets: high resolution images

With HdO Adventure: The Time Machine, you're living the adventure !
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