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SimCity: Amusement Park
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Aktywacja:  Origin
Producent: EA
Platforma: PC
Kategoria: Strategiczne
Rok publikacji: 2013
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SimCity: Amusement Park
Build the amusement park of your dreams, right in the middle of your city! Classic rides, vehicle rides and thrill rides allow you to make just the theme park you want !

  • Mayor or Park Designer ? You're in control of the layout of your Amusement Park. Will you focus the aesthetic look or maximizing your profits ? Perhaps you can have the best of both worlds !

  • Amusement Park Lights & Sounds: All the lights, sounds and life of a crowded amusement park can be found in this pack, with all the familiar sights: ferris wheels, roller coasters, go - kart tracks and more !

  • Lively Tourist Hotspot: Casinos and landmarks aren't the only way to attract tourists. Mayors can now live out their dream of having a massive theme park in their cities.

  • Massive Entrances - Choose from three large, impressive themed amusement park entrances, allowing you to choose the entrance you like the most or customize your park with multiple entrances.

  • Customizable Paths - Lay out your amusement park how you'd like it. Just draw the pedestrian path between your amusement park's entrance and the rides, adapting to your city's layout.

  • All Aboard ! - The Wheels of Wonder amusement park comes with a mini - train station and rails that you can lay to direct your Sims around your amusement park.

  • Fun for All Ages: Whether you're trying to excite adrenalin junkies, provide family - friendly fun, or going for the classic Amusement Park feel we're got you covered with different types of rides and different styles of ticket gate.

  • Shoppers Spend Money - The large influx of shoppers that amusement parks bring benefit local commercial businesses. Happy tourists will even stay in local hotels to shop or visit the amusement park another day.

Gameplay Benefits
  • Location In the Culture palette of the City Specialization panel.

  • Unlock Requirements Requires Department of Tourism in region.

  • Stats:
    • A game within a game. The Amusement Park adds new gameplay. Maximize revenue from your Amusement Park by paying attention to the layout of rides in your park and by adding concession stands where they will get the most foot traffic. Manage the lines that form to keep your visitors happy and spending money.

    • Adds more options for tourism - based cities. The Amusement Park set extends the gameplay of the Tourism City Specialization. These buildings and modules add to your tourism Attraction Rating and provide revenue in this city specialization category.

    • More missions! Five new missions challenge players to maximize their Amusement Parks.

    • More Achievements! Three new achievements reward players for proficiency with the Amusement Parks DLC pack.
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