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Ride To Hell: Retribution
59,90 PLN  Do koszyka
Aktywacja:  Steam
Producent: Deep Silver
Platforma: PC
Kategoria: Akcja
Rok publikacji: 2013
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Ride To Hell: Retribution
It's time for revenge ! Jake Conway has just returned home from Vietnam when his younger brother is brutally murdered by a rival biker gang called "The Devil's Hand". Set in the outlaw era of America's Sixties, Jake takes on anyone or anything standing in the way of his bloody revenge fest - on bike, on foot and on fire. Join the Retribution !

  • High - speed combat - Whether on foot or on bike, you'll be using melee and firearms to enact your revenge !

  • Customize your ride - Choose from a variety of decals, paint jobs, and body parts, and hit the road with your very own unique hog.

  • Rock and roll experience - Explore the roaring sixties, a time of anarchy and free love as a man with no rules.
Wymagania sprzętowe
System:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Procesor:2.4GHz Intel Core2 Duo E4600 lub 2.5GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ (zalecany 2.83GHz Intel Core2 Duo E8300 lub 2.61GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+)
Pamięć:2GB RAM (zalecane 4GB RAM)
Grafika:320MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS lub 512MB RAM ATI Radeon HD 3850 (zalecana 512MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 lub 1GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 5850), DirectX 9.0c
Dysk:co najmniej 13GB wolnego miejsca
Dźwięk:karta kompatybilna z DirectX 9.0c
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