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Magicka: Holiday Spirit
4,90 PLN  Do koszyka
Aktywacja:  Steam
Producent: Paradox Interactive
Platforma: PC
Kategorie: Akcja, Przygodowe, Roleplaying, Indie
Rok publikacji: 2011
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Magicka: Holiday Spirit
Christmas comes early this year so get into the right holiday spirit. Spread some love, cook some food, get those presents in time this year and make sure you share with your friends.

Main Features:
  • For use in the Challenge and Versus modes only.

  • Freeze Ray - In case that pesty global warming is trying to ruin your Christmas.

  • Anger Management Stick - Turn that frown upside down... by smacking somebody with this!

  • Frostjoy - Now all you need from Santa is a proper throne.

  • Rolling Pin - Good for baking, if people don't like your pastries, hurl this at them.

  • Timell's Revenge - The carpenter's best friend!

  • Hot Frying Pan - As if hitting somebody with a frying pan wouldn't hurt enough, this one's constantly hot!

  • Grayskull - Any kid's dream present!

  • Lovestaff - Spread some of that family love!

  • Deflection Staff 2.0 - New and improved!
  • Sausage Staff - You guys want sausages, this will give you sausages!

  • Banner of the Crusade - In case people forget what Christmas is all about.
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