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Agon: The Lost Sword of Toledo
14,90 PLN  Do koszyka
Producent: Kalypso Media
Platforma: PC
Kategoria: Przygodowe
Rok publikacji: 2008
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Agon: The Lost Sword of Toledo
The new instalment of the exciting AGON adventure - saga will take place in the dawn of the 20th century in the time - honoured and historical Spanish town of Toledo.

Once ruled by Romans and Visigoths, Toledo has a rich history, making it the ideal setting for the story of Professor Samuel Hunt and his intriguing adventure to discover the legendary "Sword of Toledo".

The Professor arrives in the picturesque Spanish city, where time seems to pass by more slowly. Becoming aware of strange goings - on about him, Professor Hunt is involved in the search to find the mysterious "Sword of Toledo", which has been considered lost for many years. Thus, a new adventure starts for the British Professor ..."

Dan Brown meets Jules Verne ! " (Adventure Now !)

The Adventure above all Adventures:
- Developer: Private Moon Studios
- Gameplay: Solitary Exploration, Puzzle
- Graphic Style: Illustrated realism
- Perspective: First - Person
- Presentation: Panoramic nodes
- Control: Point - and - click
- Theme: Historical, Mystery

- Thrilling atmosphere
- Detailed, beautiful graphics
- Exciting story in the dawn of the 20th century
- Tricky puzzles and demanding riddles
- 3D circumferential visibility
- Impressive sound track
- Outstanding voice synchronisation
Wymagania sprzętowe
System:Windows XP, Windows Vista
Pamięć:512MB RAM
Grafika:128MB RAM, DirectX 9.0
Dysk:co najmniej 2GB wolnego miejsca
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