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X Blades
14,90 PLN  Do koszyka
Producent: Plugin Digital
Platforma: PC
Kategorie: Przygodowe, Roleplaying
Rok publikacji: 2012
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X Blades
Long, long ago, in an age that only the gods can now remember, the universe was ruled by two powerful beings that were revered and worshipped by all races - but the 'brotherly' relationship between these two creatures was always in question from the beginning of time.

To cut a long story short, they hid two artifacts in a huge Temple. Any human being who comes in contact with these powerful stones will be horribly cursed - and the power of darkness will once again be awakened.

The adventurer Ayumi starts searching for the immensely valuable stones. Powerful forces against which she is helpless threaten to awake in her body. Now it's up to her to discover the secret of the curse - and at last defeat the Dark.

X-BLADES offers action-packed enjoyment in fantastic Hack-and-Slash style. Using various weapons, spells and tactics, the player must fight his way through many indoor and outdoor levels, killing hordes of monsters on the way.

The story, exciting and rich in variety with numerous cutscenes not only motivates the player, it also cleverly interlinks with the individual levels. Besides the 'normal' monsters, there are also "Monster Generators", which constantly create new creatures (and of course powerful Boss opponents) for the game world. Hidden Power-ups and coins ensure that the player is rewarded for exploring a level. Some locations can only be reached by bold and daring leap/jump combinations.

The player will only achieve success in the game if he makes use of the extensive system for the further development of the heroine Ayumi - Experience Points earned, for example, must be converted to Skills. Apart from that, the use of Skills on the "good or bad side" will also affects how the finale turns out.

  • Absorbing fantasy story with spectacular landscapes and figures

  • Attractive heroine in Anime style

  • Learn to play easily - wide range of development possibilities

  • Special mode for a heroine with demonic forces

  • Over 20 types of magic in different classes

  • Around 40 different scenarios (Indoor and Outdoor)

  • Hidden Power-ups hook players to explore levels

  • Over 30 different classes of opponents

  • Powerful Boss opponents with fantastic design

  • Cinematic stylistic devices like Bullet-Time

  • Various difficulty levels - from Beginner to Pro
Wymagania sprzętowe
System:Windows XP (SP2+), Windows Vista, Windows 7
Procesor:Single Core (zalecany Dual Core)
Pamięć:512MB RAM (zalecany 1GB RAM)
Grafika:256MB RAM, Shader Model 2.0 (zalecana 512MB RAM, Shader Model 3.0)
Dysk:co najmniej 3GB wolnego miejsca (zalecane 4GB wolnego miejsca)
Dźwięk:zalecana karta 5.1
Uwaga:połączenie internetowe niezbędne podczas gry
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