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Two Worlds: Game of the Year Edition
24,90 PLN  Do koszyka
Producent: Plugin Digital
Platforma: PC
Kategoria: Przygodowe
Rok publikacji: 2007
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Two Worlds: Game of the Year Edition
To all intents and purposes you're an unscrupulous bounty hunter and mercenary - but the search for your sister takes you back to your roots ...

The world Antaloor changed when Aziraal, the god of war, was slain in the battle of all battles long ago. The hordes of Orcs lost their divine leader and were forced to withdraw to the southern wastelands. Now, thousands of years later, the location of Aziraal's tomb is still unknown, well hidden by other gods who did not dare to entrust the secret to mere mortals.

A silent war has now begun and it will soon ignite the fires that will lead to the holy crusade of the Orcs. However, the real danger lies elsewhere - a powerful force is moving silently - weaving a secret plot of fear and destruction. Its ultimate goal is that only one of the Two Worlds shall remain.

Languages of the ESD Version: ENG, FRA, ITA, GER, SPA, POL
Languages of the ESD Strategy Guide: ENG, GER
Wymagania sprzętowe
System:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Procesor:2.0GHz Single Core (zalecany Dual Core)
Pamięć:512MB RAM (zalecany 1GB RAM)
Grafika:256MB RAM, Shader Model 2.0 (zalecana 512MB RAM, Shader Model 3.0)
Dysk:co najmniej 5GB wolnego miejsca (zalecane 6GB wolnego miejsca)
Dźwięk:zalecana karta 5.1
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