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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - Pre-Order
190,00 PLN
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Aktywacja:  Steam
Producent: 2K Games
Platforma: PC
Kategorie: FPS, Akcja, Science fiction
Rok publikacji: 2013
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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - Pre-Order
Pre-Order now and receive:
  • Codebreakers DLC A top secret government communications facility responsible for intercepting and decoding the enemy's transmissions has gone radio - silent. In a desperate attempt to turn the tides of the secret war, Special Agent Carter and his squad must investigate the incident, eliminate any threats, and make contact with personnel in order to bring the facility back online and make sense of the mysterious code.

  • Everything Above, Plus:

  • A Free copy of Spec Ops: The Line

  • Everything Above, Plus:

  • A Free copy of The XCOM Ultimate Bundle containing:
    • XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    • Elite Soldier DLC

    • Slingshot DLC

    • The classic X-COM Collection:
      • X-COM: UFO Defence

      • X-COM: Terror from the Deep

      • X-COM: Interceptor

      • X-COM: Apocalypse

      • X-COM: Enforcer

Rewards will be backfilled once the next Tier unlock.

The year is 1962. JFK is President and the Cold War has the nation gripped by fear - but a far more powerful and insidious enemy than communism is threatening America. Known only to a select few, a top - secret government unit called The Bureau begins investigating and concealing a series of mysterious attacks by an otherworldly enemy.

As special agent William Carter, call the shots, pull the trigger and lead your squad in a gripping third-person tactical shooter set within a high - stakes, covert war to defend humanity. The Bureau's mission is clear - survive, adapt and overcome the enemy threat to protect the citizens from the truth.
Wymagania sprzętowe
System:Windows Vista, Windows 7
Procesor:2.4GHz Intel Core2 Duo lub 2.7GHz AMD Athlon X2 (zalecany Quad Core)
Pamięć:2GB RAM (zalecane 4GB RAM)
Grafika:512MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT lub ATI Radeon HD 3870, DirectX 9.0 (zalecana 1GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 lub ATI Radeon HD 6950, DirectX 11.0)
Dysk:co najmniej 12GB wolnego miejsca
DĽwięk:karta kompatybilna z DirectX
Uwaga:karty graficzne Intel HD 3000 nie są obsługiwane, wymienione systemy obsługiwane są w wersjach 32-bit i 64-bit
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