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Shoot Many Robots
29,90 PLN  Do koszyka
Aktywacja:  Steam
Producent: Ubisoft
Platforma: PC
Kategoria: Akcja
Rok publikacji: 2012
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Shoot Many Robots
A 4 - player co - op run - n - gun action shooter throws you into a tidal wave of degenerate robots with an array of weaponry that would make any shooter enthusiast proud.

Players take control of P. Walter Tugnut (The "P" stands for "Pickles"), a hillbilly who stockpiles guns, ammo, and beer in his dilapidated RV awaiting the inevitable robot apocalypse. When the abandoned factory in the distance begins producing robots on its own, Walter sets off in his RV on a robot - killing rampage, hoping to save humanity from an onslaught of robot hordes.

Run - n - Gun
A classic 2.5D side - scrolling shooter, revitalized with modern game design.

4 - Player Co - op
Four players online and up to two players locally can work together to take down the robot armies.

Character Customization
Players can equip Walter with countless combinations of items to tailor to their play style. Players also level up and gain XP by killing robots, which grants them access to new missions and equipment, as well as increase Walter's damage and health.

Push forward through robot territory in Traversal missions - huge levels that end in epic robot boss battles. Hunker down in Survival missions - claustrophobic levels where the only object is to outlast waves of robot hordes. For the truly hardcore, there are three difficulty modes to keep players hurting.

Diversified Combat
Take two weapons with you into battle - but it's going to be a tough choice. Revolvers, rocket launchers, assault rifles, flamethrowers, SMGs, and shotguns all beg to be used, not to mention the freeze ray, gnome launcher, and a cat carrier that shoots an exploding robot decoy. With melee combat, players can (and should) punch robots to knock them back and inflict damage. Rockets shot by robots can also be punched, if timed correctly, back into their metal faces.

Nut Up, Gear Up, Power Up
Nuts are dropped by robots when they are killed, and are used to buy new weapons and gear. Robots occasionally drop power - ups that temporarily grant superhuman powers. These power - ups can turn the tide and reward players for high combos.

Robots with Personality
Numerous robots - from tiny chainsaw - wielding Choppers to gigantic fire - spewing Fatboys - all have unique personalities, AI, and unique ways to kill, with even fiercer models appearing as the difficulty ramps up.
Wymagania sprzętowe
System:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Procesor:1.7GHz Intel P4
Pamięć:1GB RAM
Grafika:NVIDIA GeForce 6800XT lub ATI Radeon HD 3650
Dysk:co najmniej 3GB wolnego miejsca
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