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Sacred Plus
79,90 PLN
19,90 PLN
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Producent: Kalypso Media
Platforma: PC
Kategorie: Roleplaying, Fantasy
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Sacred Plus
Expect a unique fantasy RPG adventure ! An in - depth storyline and plenty of opportunities which will not only inspire the role - player but also the action orientated fan. Sacred delivers battles, a vast range of quests, and a story filled game.

The player can choose from 6 playable characters, each with their own individual characteristics and style. The more reserved role - players might prefer the Battlemage or the Wood Elf, while admirers of traditional fantasy characters can take on the role of the Gladiator or the Dark Elf. If the player fancies a different approach then the Seraphim, a follower of the mystical Angels, or perhaps the bloodthirsty Vampiress might clench their thirst.

In order to give the player a fast introduction into SACRED the starting position of the game also acts as a Tutorial area. Upon leaving this zone, SACRED opens up to almost limitless exploration.

SACRED's interface concentrates on user friendliness and allows the player to give their complete attention to the game events. The interface allows for the quick exchange of weapons and armor, as well as special combat moves and spells, allowing all to be implemented tactically.

SACRED does not have a barren and empty landscape but is filled with life. In the forests, marshes, deserts, catacombs, villages and towns you'll find helpful settlers, faithful "hirelings", and animals. Adventurers should also be aware of cruel, vicious and devious monsters, the Undead, thieves and raiders, amongst others.
Wymagania sprzętowe
System:Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Procesor:800MHz Intel P3 lub podobny (zalecany 1.4GHz Intel P4 lub podobny)
Pamięć:256MB RAM (zalecane 512MB RAM)
Grafika:16MB RAM, karta ze wspomaganiem 3D, DirectX 8.0 (zalecana 64MB RAM, DirectX 9.0)
Dysk:co najmniej 2GB wolnego miejsca (zalecane 2.5GB wolnego miejsca)
Dźwięk:karta kompatybilna z DirectX (zalecana karta 3D kompatybilna z DirectX 9.0)
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