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Magicka: Gamer Bundle
4,90 PLN  Do koszyka
Aktywacja:  Steam
Producent: Paradox Interactive
Platforma: PC
Kategorie: Akcja, Przygodowe, Roleplaying, Indie
Rok publikacji: 2011
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Magicka: Gamer Bundle
The Gamer Bundle contains three new robes inspired by some of the developers favorite games. Armed to the teeth with new exciting gear these diverse robes will give the players plenty of new tactics to employ in all existing game modes.

  • The Zombie Robe is a resilient one. This number has a freaky, yet oddly appealing, parasite attached to it's head. For some reason it turns the wearer into some type of shambling, incomprehensible, crow bar wielding monster. But that's okay because, while a bit slower, the wearer can now take a punch or two thousand.

  • Wizards have been known to go through great lengths in order to cosplay as their favorite game characters. The Tentacle Robe, and it's accompanying Ray-Gun, are great for conventions as well as general forest wear. While some people might point and laugh at this wizard, others would just love to have their photo taken next to him (or her.)

  • Epic Robe is epic claims this wizard. While he may have lost his mount he still has all his other epic gear. The epic amount of hours and sodas he consumed to earn it is no match for the even more epic-y-ness of the sword and armor.
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