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FIFA Manager 09
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Producent: EA
Platforma: PC
Kategorie: Sportowe, Symulatory
Rok publikacji: 2009
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FIFA Manager 09
EA SPORTS FIFA MANAGER 09 gives football fans full control over the management of their clubs.

Whether founding a club, becoming a national coach, or finally leading their favorite club to international glory, all options are open to players in the EA SPORTS football management simulation for PC. The game contains all areas of club management, from signing new players to training to extending stadiums.

A central element of EA SPORTS FIFA MANAGER 09 is the match day itself. The 3D mode offers new improvements, particularly in the areas of graphics, sound and AI. The new, fully customizable user interface in 3D mode gives players direct access to substitutions, tactical changes, and statistics. The text mode has been completely revamped and now features a unique mixture of traditional live commentary and an Internet live ticker. Lots of exciting and informative tools create a high level of transparency and atmosphere.

Other major features of EA SPORTS FIFA MANAGER 09 are the line - up and tactics sections. Various new team and single - player options offer endless possibilities for every type of coach. New features include a youth transfer market and match prediction tool. Players can put teams together freely and even assign form and fitness values to single players. This allows matches in the real world of football to be simulated under very realistic conditions in order to predict the outcome of a match.

Featuring licensed league, club and player data from 33 countries, EA SPORTS FIFA MANAGER 09 has a comprehensive player data bank containing over 1,500 clubs and more than 25,000 players, with over 7,000 original player photos included in the game. Other players can be added by using the editor tool.

New Line - up and Tactics: FIFA Manager 09 includes brand - new line - up and tactics sections. Both are easy to use - but with a new level of depth. Individual orders like tackles, forward runs, passing style, crossing position and frequency are as well available as the options to define special roles like captain, free kick taker, playmaker and target man. Team tactics like offside - trap, counter - attacking or playing direction are of course available as well. In total the users have to figure out the best combination out of well over 20 different tactical options. And if everything else fails - there is still the chance to increase the win bonus or to simply declare the match as the most important of the season!

3D Match: The new fully customizable user interface gives the user full control over the players on the pitch. Substitutions and tactical changes are just one mouse click away; tables, team and player stats can be displayed permanently on the screen if the user wants the information. FIFA Manager 09 includes a new crowd system with animated supporters, an improved stadium generator (this tool allows you to recreate every real - world stadium within minutes), a complete overhaul of the audio and further improved AI. An extreme tower camera allows the user to see every tactical detail on the pitch.

New Text Mode: FIFA Manager 09 brings the text mode to the next level. The new mixture of Internet live ticker and traditional live commentary is both exciting and informative. Player skills and tactics become clearly visible. The massive use of the context of the match (importance, weather, fans, etc.) brings the text to life. Defenders and defending midfielders play a much bigger role than in previous text modes. Tactics can be changed on the fly without having to pause the match. A huge "Live Stats" section with match data, player stats and player comparison, tables, and scorer lists supports the user's decisions. The special "Assistant Manager" widget is especially important for beginners and helps them to optimize their tactics.

The assistant analyzes the game minute by minute and informs the user about players with low fitness, bad performances, tactical problems etc.Improved InterfaceThe main menu widget system includes 10 new widgets, buttons to switch all widgets simultaneously and an option to rotate the widgets automatically.

The new Search History gives the user easy access to previous club and player searches. FIFA Manager 09 supports up to 9 RSS Feeds in the live ticker.

Match Prognosis Tool: This new tool allows you to predict the result of every real - life match. The user simply selects the teams and then adds the players from the FIFA Manager database. Further details like fitness and form make this tool even more realistic.

More Local Content: This includes the new German league system, special new stats for Spain (domestic scorer list, manager evaluation), new special foreign player rules and Spanish pre - season tournaments.
Wymagania sprzętowe
System:Windows XP (SP2+), Windows Vista
Procesor:2.6GHz Intel P4 (dla Windows Vista 2.8GHz)
Pamięć:1GB RAM (dla Windows Vista 2GB RAM)
Grafika:128MB RAM, Pixel Shader 2.0, DirectX 9.0
Dźwięk:karta kompatybilna z DirectX 9.0
Uwaga:połączenie internetowe niezbędne podczas gry
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