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Cities in Motion 2: Metro Madness
13,90 PLN  Do koszyka
Aktywacja:  Steam
Producent: Paradox Interactive
Platforma: PC
Kategoria: Symulatory
Rok publikacji: 2013
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Cities in Motion 2: Metro Madness
Ever wanted to have a shorter metro for the night time, or a very long version for the rush hour? Well, now it's possible ! The Metro Madness pack features customizable metro trains that you can put together car by car and alter the setup for different timetables.

It also boasts five brand new metro trains (each with three different cars) and the possibility to place metro depots underground.

  • Crescenta FL9: The brand new model from the Crescenta factories, the FL9, is a future classic. It features a very comfortable ride for the passengers and an impressive carrying capacity. It lacks in speed but it makes up for it by carrying such a huge amount of people. It is at its best on congested inner city routes.

  • Galaxie Madressa: The Madressa might not be the quickest, but it has excellent fuel efficiency and a high capacity. This modern vehicle performs well on busy routes.

  • Capitol EcoBoost: It may have an otherworldly appearance, but don't worry, it just the new EcoBoost made from recycled materials ! The Capitol Factories wanted something brand new and eco - friendly, so they used recycled material to build an all new metro train model. The unique look is very attractive to passengers.

  • Capitol Rocket: With extra wide seating the Rocket is superbly comfortable to ride. It's also sturdy and needs little maintenance. It doesn't consume a lot of energy, but it's not as fast as other trains. Comfort comes with a cost!

  • Arnauld Metropolis: The Metropolis, as the name states, is designed for big, bustling cities. It barely needs maintenance thanks to the solid build, and is very fuel efficient. All this combined with a high average speed means it is an excellent vehicle on busy inner city routes with passengers all day long.
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