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Agricultural Simulator 2011: Biogas
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Producent: Layernet
Platforma: PC
Kategoria: Symulatory
Rok publikacji: 2011
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Agricultural Simulator 2011: Biogas
The "Biogas" expands the features of the original game by aspects of the green power generation. For that purpose, new expansions, crops and production cycles were added to the original gameplay.

Harvest special crops for energy generation and transport these products to the biogas facility. In addition to the energy generation a complete new production cycle of the daily farming live was added. You can now mow the grass and bring in the hay. This classical task expands your possibilities and improves the level of realism in this simulation.

- Huge, expanded 3D area
- New production cycles: Mawing gras and bringing in the hay
- Generate green power using the biogas facility
- New extensions for the vehicles to handle new tasks
- Manufacture corn in the driving silos
- New tasks and challenges
- Complete multiplayer support of all new features
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